Speaker: Andrei Sitov
Career: Journalist
Organization: TASS

Event Summary


During this virtual pre-professional event, NSLI-Y participants spoke with TASS journalist Andrei Sitov. Andrei went into detail about his career path as a journalist working in the Soviet Union, the United States, and now Russia. The attendees had a chance to ask many thought provoking questions about Andrei’s perspective on US-Russian relations, the prospects of improving them, important values he lives by as a journalist, the most memorable news story he ever covered, and many other insightful topics.

Speaker Bio


Andrei Sitov is a journalist with TASS, the largest news agency in Russia as well as one of the largest correspondent networks in the world. He spent a large portion of his career as Washington Bureau Chief for TASS at the White House. Sitov worked as a White House Correspondent during the Clinton, Bush, and Obama presidential administrations before the worsening US-Russian relations caused his visa to be revoked, and he subsequently returned to working as a TASS Bureau Chief in Moscow.

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