Summer Programs

Summer language programs within the United States may save you money while still providing an intensive Russian language experience. 


Peruse the list below for great options available to everyone ranging from high school to graduate students with varying Russian language levels.

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Arizona State University -
Critical Language Institute

In this eight-week Summer Program, first-sixth year students can solidify their command of Russian and improve their listening, speaking, and communicative skills. Program locations include Bishek, Kyrgyzstan and St. Petersburg, Russia.

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Beloit College Center for Language Studies -
Intensive Language Program

Center for Language Studies (CLS) offers you the opportunity to become fluent in a critical language without leaving the country. The immersion programs allow students to complete one year of language in seven weeks while earning eight credit hours.

Bryn Mawr College -
Summer Russian Language Institute

The Russian Language Institute offers a focused curriculum and a study environment conducive to the rapid development of Russian language skills as well as cultural competence. Immersive courses are offered to beginners through advanced students. Students receive the equivalent of an academic year of college-level intensive Russian in eight weeks.

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Columbia University -
The Russian Practicum

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The Russian Practicum offers three intensive courses in Russian language: beginning, intermediate and advanced, as well as content courses in subjects such as Russian literature, cinema, and culture. Language courses accommodate both undergraduate and graduate students who may earn up to eight credits of Columbia University credits in the full eight-week program.

Concordia Language Villages - Russian Language Village

At the Russian Language Village, high school students can learn Russian in a traditional summer camp setting. Language classes are tailored to learners of all ages and stages, from absolute beginners to heritage students, who grew up speaking Russian.

Five College Center for the Study of World Languages - REEES

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The Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies Certificate Program offers students the opportunity to take advantage of the significant multidisciplinary resources in the Five Colleges of Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia. The certificate consists of a minimum of six courses.

Harvard Summer School

The Harvard Summer School offers courses for elementary and intermediate Russian. Courses stress all four major communicative skills (speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing). Students will earn eight credit hours over a seven-week session.

Indiana University -
Summer Language Workshop

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The Russian Summer Language Workshop program offers seven levels of accelerated, proficiency-based courses developed in collaboration with the Russian Language Flagship Program. To maximize exposure to Russian, students commit to speaking only Russian for the duration of the program.

Middlebury College Russian School

Recognized as one of the world’s best Russian language programs, the Kathryn Wasserman Davis School of Russian offers a blend of cultural and language immersion since 1945. Each program is open to undergraduates, recent graduates, graduate students at other institutions, professionals, and lifelong learners. Participants agree to a total immersion environment with a language pledge.

The Middlebury Institute of International Studies - Summer Intensive Russian Program

The Russian Summer Intensive Language Program helps students from every level master the language by rooting active speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills in formal knowledge, grammar study, and vocabulary building. Students participate in excursions to San Francisco’s Russian district, cooking classes, conversation tables, game nights, lectures from Russian speakers, and films.

Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies - SAIS

SAIS classes can be taken in Washington D.C. or abroad. Students are given the opportunity to build, develop, and enhance their language acquisition through interactive and communicative language activities such as debates, simulations and political discussions. Classes incorporate the use of foreign newspapers, video and radio documentaries, blogs, and newscasts.

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Portland State University -
Intensive First & Third-Year Russian

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The language and culture classes in Portland State University’s Russian program will teach you how to communicate in Russian so that you can use the language in real-world settings.

Rutgers University -
Intensive Elementary and Intermediate Russian

These intense Russian courses develop proficiency in all four skills: speaking, reading, listening, and writing. They deepen students’ understanding of Russian life, culture, history, geography, and traditions through authentic target-language texts, websites, media, and other supplementary materials.

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University of California Berkeley -
Elementary Intensive Russian

This course is the beginning stage of a comprehensive program for the study of Russian. Students will focus on communicative skills and cultural and grammatical competence through reading, writing, listening/viewing, and speaking.

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University of California, Los Angeles -
Slavic, East European & Eurasian Languages & Cultures

The Russian language courses cover the equivalent of first- and second-year Russian in eight weeks each. Students meet four hours a day five days a week. Courses emphasize Russian culture and interactive small group activities.

University of Michigan - Summer Language Institute

Language teaching at the University of Michigan is proficiency-oriented and aims to develop four basic skills: speaking, reading, writing, and aural comprehension. Courses are designed to teach language within a cultural and social context, so that students deepen their knowledge of the relevant country as they develop language skills.

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University of Pittsburgh -
Russian and East European Summer Language Institute

Students who complete SLI programs rapidly acquire language proficiency and deepen their understanding of a foreign culture. A rich program of lectures, films, music, cooking, picnics, and excursions provides students the opportunity to explore the cultures they are studying while socializing in their target languages. The program is offered to both undergraduate and graduate students.

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University of Virginia -
Summer Russian Language Institute

The Russian Summer Language Institute provides an intensive and accelerated language program. Students earn twelve credits and learn two full years of Russian, the equivalent of first-year and second-year language studies. The Institute covers all of the fundamentals of grammar necessary to meet the demands of language use and communication in everyday life. 

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University of Washington -
Intensive Summer Russian

The Intensive Summer Russian program offers first- and second-year intensive Russian language courses. These courses provide fifteen credits, a complete year of language in only nine weeks. In addition to the classes, the program includes many extracurricular activities such as films, language tables for conversation practice, singing, poetry readings, drama performances, and lectures on Slavic cultures.

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University of Wisconsin - 
Pushkin Summer Institute

The Pushkin Summer Institute is an intensive pre-college Russian language and culture program for outstanding high school students. PSI has two distinct, but related programs: PSI Madison and PSI Abroad. PSI Madison is a five-week residential program on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. PSI Abroad, a program of NSLI-Y, offers students a six-week Russian immersion experience in Daugavpils, Latvia.

Yale University/St. Petersburg State University - Intensive Russian

The program consists of a language course adjusted to the specific needs of each student from second to fourth year language classes. The language course meets in St. Petersburg and runs in conjunction with a course on Russian Culture, which meets for ninety minutes twice per week both in New Haven and in St. Petersburg.

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