Thinking about study abroad? Be bold!

Studying abroad is an experience that provides more than just an amazing memory from college or high school. It helps to develop a global citizen, sparks new interests, opens doors, and pushes you to discover and experience something new about the world, but also about yourself! I believe that anyone who has studied abroad would agree with me when I say this: your study abroad experience is never what you expect it to the best way!

I remember thinking that moving to Russia for the first time for 6 weeks would mean maybe trying a few new foods, some of which I would gladly never eat again, struggling to communicate basically everywhere I went, and getting lost a whole lot. And, while yes, all of those things did happen, I also left Russia six weeks later having unlocked a new part of myself that craved being pushed outside of my comfort zone and demanded adventure.

I do believe that each person's experience abroad is extremely unique and personal, but I always give the same piece of advice to anyone thinking about studying abroad, which is this: go in head first, eyes wide, and heart open. The chances to study abroad are limited and often short. There is not enough time to adjust before you start taking advantage of the opportunities and experiences that lie before you. Be bold!