Speaker: Zach Harris
Position: Vice President, Marketing

Speaker: Alexander Kostikov
Position: Communications Director - Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Caucuses and Central Asia

Organization: PepsiCo

Event Summary

During this virtual pre-professional event, Alexander Kostikov shared the history of PepsiCo in Russia. He introduced us to the wide variety of products, in addition to soda and potato chips, that PepsiCo sells in Russia. Alexander also shared interesting facts about the company. For example, we learned that PepsiCo is the largest purchaser of potatoes in the country.

Zach Harris discussed his professional experience working for PepsiCo and the various ways one can get involved with the company. Zach highlighted the internship experience with PepsiCo as an opportunity to explore working for a global company with a significant presence and history in Russia. 

Almost 50 years ago, the first Pepsi bottling plant opened in the territory of the former USSR. This event marked the starting point of PepsiCo’s future development of its third-largest market after the U.S. and Mexico. Over the past 15 years, PepsiCo has invested more than $10 billion into the Russian economy by producing well-known American products, and also by creating regional specialties such as kvass. PepsiCo operates more than 20 production plants and employs around 20,000 people in Russia.

Speaker Bios


Zach Harris is based out of PepsiCo’s NY headquarters and his career spans numerous senior positions within PepsiCo’s diverse brands and divisions. He began his career as a college intern at PepsiCo and has been with the company for 16 years. He presently oversees a $1.5B multi-product portfolio, including Aquafina, bubly, and LIFEWTR, in the U.S.

Alexander Kostikov is responsible for external corporate communications and acts as an official speaker for PepsiCo Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Caucasus and Central Asia. Alexander has significant experience in PR and communications. Alexander holds a degree in international journalism from Moscow State University.

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