Study Abroad

The programs below are presented in alphabetical order. Click on each logo to visit the program's website and learn more.

Armenian School of Language Institute -
Russian Language School

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The Russian Language School in Yerevan, Armenia offers participants to master skills in written and oral modern Russian, reading and interpreting Russian texts from different periods as well as rapidly deepening their knowledge in colloquial Russian. The Russian language summer school offers sixty hours of intensive Russian language classes during a three-week period.

Moscow International University & Russian State Pedagogical University in St. Petersburg -
Business Russian Language and Internship Program 

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The Business Russian Language and Internship Program (BRLI) combines a specially designed curriculum focusing on Russian language for the business world with an internship averaging ten to fifteen hours per week at a multinational company or business in Russia or Kazakhstan.

Council on International Educational Exchange - Summer Russian Area Studies

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With this summer program, students choose one, two, or three four-week sessions with CIEE at the School of Political Science of St. Petersburg State University. No Russian language experience is required, and course offerings typically include Russian culture, business, politics, history, and Russian language.

Echo Eastern Europe Russian and Ukrainian School - Intensive Russian Program

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This program is based in Kyiv and offers individual lessons as well as group lessons of two to eight students of any Russian language level. Students are either placed with host families or they are able to rent apartments in the city. This program can last from one week to a year depending on the student’s preference.

Dickinson College - Dickinson in Moscow Program

The Dickinson-In-Moscow program is based at RSUH where students can participate in both Russian as a Foreign Language classes, designed specifically for international students, and in the Russian speaking classes offered at RSUH. Every student is assigned a host family and is offered a variety of cultural trips and opportunities. Students can choose to stay for a semester or a full school year, and students who choose to stay for the full year are required to complete a research project in Russian History, Politics or Sociology.

Indiana University Study Tour in St. Petersburg

This program is co-sponsored by the CIEE and located in St. Petersburg at the St. Petersburg State University and open to students at any Indiana University campus. Students must take the Russian Language program track focusing on grammar, phonetics, and comprehension, with semester and year-long options available. Students are typically placed with host families, but hostel options are available as well.

Liden & Denz Intercultural Institute of Languages

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This program offers Russian Language courses in Moscow, Irkutsk, St. Petersburg, and Riga. It is open to students of all levels and offers a hybrid program where in-person and online students can learn together. Most destinations offer homestays, shared apartments or hotel rooms. Liden and Denz also offers internship and volunteer opportunities to their students while they are in Russia.

Texas Tech University - Summer in Russia

Students will begin or continue their Russian language studies in spectacular St. Petersburg, where the entire downtown is a protected UNESCO heritage site. Participants will gain insight into Russian history, politics, business, and culture through courses taught in English and will enjoy a rich cultural program including local and regional excursions and field trips to museums, historical sites, and theaters, and interaction with locals. 

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University of Wyoming - Saratov Study Abroad

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Participants study at the Saratov State University in Russia for the summer semester. There are optional add-on excursions for a seven-eight day Volga River trip and a three day excursion of Moscow. At the end of the program students receive five-six hours of semester credit.

Moscow State University - Learn Russian in Moscow

At the Moscow State University students can enroll in courses for all levels of Russian throughout the academic year and summer semester. There are even specialized courses for journalists, business Russian courses, Russian literature, Russian history, and more. Participants can choose to live in university campus rooms, homestay with a Russian family, apartments, or hotels in Moscow.

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Middlebury College - Study Abroad in Russia

The Middlebury College Study Abroad Program is designed for students with an intermediate or advanced level of Russian and offers students a broad range of academic and cultural immersion. Depending on academic and extracurricular interests, students can choose from three locations of study: Yaroslavl, Irkutsk, or Moscow. 

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Bard College - Summer Language Intensive

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The Bard-Smolny Summer Language Intensive provides challenging courses for students who have completed between two and six semesters of college-level Russian or its equivalent. Students can choose to enroll for four or eight weeks.

Stony Brook University -
Advanced Critical Language Institute

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The Advanced Critical Language Institute for Russian Immersion is specifically designed to help students who have completed at least one year of Russian language to improve their fluency in all aspects of their speaking, writing and grammar. Participants have the choice of a four week or six week program and can earn three-nine credits.

ROTC Project Global Officer -
Study Abroad, Summer Intensives

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All ROTC students who meet the Project GO eligibility criteria are able to participate in a Project GO domestic or study-abroad summer language program at any of the participating universities.