American Chamber of Commerce in Moscow

Speaker: Alexis Rodzianko
Position: CEO and President
Organization: The American Chamber of Commerce in Russia

Event Summary

During this virtual pre-professional event, Alexis Rodzianko, CEO and President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Moscow, discussed his unique journey in business, the importance of healthy US-Russian relations, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on US sanctions on Russia, and other thought provoking topics regarding trade and commerce between Russia and global companies. 


AmCham is a prominent business organization that strives to maintain and expand business relationships between Russian, American, and some large European international companies. 

Speaker Bio


Alexis Rodzianko is the CEO and President of The American Chamber of Commerce in Russia. Rodzianko was born and raised in New York City. His parents had immigrated to the United States from Russia. He spoke Russian as his first language and learned English at school as a small child. Radzianko completed his undergraduate degree in 1973 at Dartmouth College. He then went on to receive an MBA at Columbia University in 1980. Rodzianko became CEO and President of AmCham in 2013 after working as a banker in New York and Moscow over nearly 30 years.

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