Pursuing your Russian Studies!

There are countless benefits to studying Russian language and culture:

  • Russian is a critical language to U.S. national security

  • Russia is an important market for many American companies

  • Nearly 300 million people speak Russian around the world

  • Russian pairs well as a double major or minor with many diverse fields of study

  • Studying Russian can help fund your undergraduate and graduate education

Strong academic programs are located throughout the United States and study abroad can immerse you in places you never thought you would ever visit. But choosing a course of study that works best for you and funding those opportunities takes time and effort.

Peruse the resources below to assist in your search for programs and funding opportunities.

Study Abroad

These programs will immerse you into the culture and bring out your Russian language skills like never before!


These intensive Russian summer programs within the U.S. can save you money while improving your fluency!