About the USRP

The USRP is a growing community of distinguished high school and college students who desire to pursue a career related to their interests in Russian studies.

The USRP empowers its members to explore, prepare and plan for careers in the US-Russia sector by providing access to professional development opportunities and informational resources they need to be successful.


As cross-cultural dialogue is an important part of the USRP community, high school and college students from both the US and Russia are welcome to join as members. Membership in the USRP is free.

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Listening attentively to Torrey and Ksen

As the founder of USRP, the Russian American Foundation (RAF) has a long record of creating valuable pre-professional opportunities for participants of its programs.


Through its relationships with respected entities in the US-Russia sector, including the US-Russia Business Council, the American Chamber of Commerce in Moscow, PepsiCo, Bloomberg, TASS, Mikhailov and Partners, and many others, RAF will facilitate professional development opportunities for those with an Academic interest in US-Russia relations and Russian studies.


While the USRP website provides valuable information for all, USRP members gain access to unique networking opportunities, leadership roles, and internships.