At this time, the USRP is re-evaluating its virtual programs and plans for membership.


The USRP is pleased to continue providing valuable information on its website until further determinations are made. Thank you for your interest.

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USRP Network

The USRP is a growing network of high school and university students interested in Russian studies and a career in the US-Russia sector.

The USRP empowers its members to explore, prepare and plan for careers in the US-Russia sector by providing access to professional development opportunities and informational resources they need to be successful. All USRP events are virtual.

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USRP Ambassador Blogs

The USRP Ambassador blogs are live!


Check out the highlighted posts below and visit their pages to read more about study abroad and other experiences from students just like you.

Past Featured Events

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Synergy Global Trade

Rustam Mavlanov, CEO and Co-Founder of Synergy Global Trade, provided valuable advice on pursuing a fulfilling career related to business and the US-Russia sector.

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Randi Levinas, EVP and COO at the USRBC shares her journey to working for the USRBC and how to prepare for a career in government relations.



Zach Harris, Vice President of PepsiCo Marketing, and Alexander Kostikov, Communications Director, discuss their professional backgrounds, introduce us to the market-specific products in Russia, and share an internship program with PepsiCo.

Meet our Spring 2021 Ambassadors

Business News and Current Events

Russia's Yandex driverless robots to deliver food at U.S. colleges with Grubhub

According to multiple reports, Russian tech giant Yandex is partnering with Grubhub to bring robot food delivery to a college campus near you! The multi-year deal seeks to build upon Yandex's use of autonomous robots and Grubhub's partnerships with 250 colleges across the U.S.

Biden and Putin hold high-stakes Geneva Summit

Presidents Biden and Putin met on June 16, 2021 for their first such meeting since Biden was elected President of the United States. The two leaders discussed several issues including elections, cybersecurity, human rights and more.

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Tesla's made in Russia? Elon Musk says it's possible.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Tesla is considering opening a factory in Russia as it looks to expand its production facilities globally.

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Did you know?

Did you know that Starbucks first opened its doors in Russia in 2007?

Starbucks now has more than 100 stores open throughout the country! And according to the Moscow Times, Starbucks was one of the first establishments to prohibit smoking on its premises, even before a smoking ban was passed through legislation in 2014.